Inspection Rules For The Crash Cart

I posted in an earlier blog the contents needed for your crash cart during your surgery center accreditation inspection.  Make sure you are keeping records of your inventory of medications to denote the expiration dates.  If you are keeping accurate records you will know in advance when a medication is about to expire.  The accurate records will help you stay in compliance.  The crash cart must be locked.  Use the tear away lock system and record the number of the lock on your inventory sheet.  When you are approaching your survey window I recommend checking the crash cart in the evening at the end of the shift.  That way the following morning the crash cart will be locked.  Inspections take place at 0800 and the last thing you want is for your crash cart to be open and performing your inventory checks at GAME TIME!

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Locked Crash Cart with tear away lock
Locked Crash Cart

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