Safe Practices Hand Hygiene

Hand Hygiene is a big deal and not to mention part of your on-going infection control program. You can never run out of protocols for implementing and monitoring safe practices for hand hygiene. You may ponder the thought, “I wash my hands all the time Nicole what’s the big deal?” The big deal happens to be you’re in the business of healthcare, your surgical staff must visually show and provide documentation that all hands (employed staff and credentialed staff) are consistently kept clean and sanitized to kill viruses before and after contact with the patient.

In centers where alcohol based hand rubs dispensers are installed you must insure that dispensers are installed in areas limited to staff access, or under constant staff control to prevent unauthorized access. If you have multiple dispensers they must be spaced at least 4 feet apart and the dispensers are not installed over or adjacent to an ignition source. Remember we must adhere to applicable local and state conditions and requirements.

Purell® gets my vote, not only is it a household name, it is also recognizable in the healthcare community. You don’t have to worry of possible leaks or spills that could increase risk of falling or slipping (a.k.a, fall prevention policy). The easy install adapter adds a nice professional touch to your surgery center, it shows you care.

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