Waiting Area Full-Height Partitions

To meet life and safety code for your Medicare certified inspection the surgery center must provide a recovery area separated by a full-height partitions with doors at all access points, including waiting room and reception areas.  The recovery room must be used specifically for preoperative preparation of patients and post-operative recovery.  You must have a bathroom (ADA) accessible from the recovery area without passing through public areas. During your Medicare certified inspection you must have a ladder handy; the inspector will remove ceiling tiles to ensure that you a have a full-height partition wall.  Some accrediting organizations such as AAAHC request that you submit a floor plan denoting where the full partition walls are.  The Joint Commission request that you have a fire life safety map/plan on site day of inspection that denotes full partition walls, electrical panels, pull stations, fire extinguishers, location of emergency power source and fire doors.

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