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Hi there and welcome to my blog.  If you are new to this site then you have come to the right page.

First things first, what is this blog all about?  Well, it’s here for you that want to….

  1. Know about the surgery center accreditation, certification or licensing process.
  2. Simplify the surgery center accreditation, certification, and/or licensing process.
  3. Find valuable resources to help you stay compliant to the standards and conditions no matter what accrediting organization you use.
  4. Stay current with the latest policies and procedures for your surgery center.
  5. Find products and reviews for everything you need to operate a safe and sanitary environment.  From time to time I will write product reviews on products I really like and would recommend to my readers.
  6. Maintain your accreditation, certification and/or licensing for your surgery center.
  7. Obtain accreditation, certification or licensing for your surgery center.
  8. Look for positive resources regarding how the accrediting organizations want to help you obtain and maintain your accreditation, certification and/or licensing.
  9. Hire me to get you all of the above.

What I write about is my approach to meeting the conditions and standards. Some or maybe many of these strategies will possibly work for you too to some degree. Each surgery center is unique, but perhaps more importantly, this blog will give you the tips and strategies you need to stay on top and be successful.

Here’s to your success,


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