Medical Staff Bylaws

The medical staff bylaws describe the purpose of the surgery center and its structure.  It should be recognized in the bylaws that your surgery center will provide an alternative to the high cost of hospital inpatient care.  In fact with your surgery center you are in a better position to provide better quality of care while actually reducing the health care cost to the patient.

 You will need to define in your bylaws that there will be an organized medical staff in which will be responsible for the quality of medical care rendered to the patients of your facility and who is subject under the authority of the facility’s Governing Body.

 Describe in your bylaws the type of medical staff and formal organization of who will be privileged to attend to patients such as licensed physicians including M.D., D.O., D.P.M., etc.  You can also add allied health professionals such as C.R.N.A.’s and nursing personnel.

 You want to clearly identify in your bylaws who is appointed as medical director of the facility and how long he/she will remain in position for example until he/she is relieved of the position by the Governing Body.

 To help assist you with the flow of your bylaws please remember to include, outline and define the following:

A.  The purpose of your organized medical staff.

B.  Qualifications of membership.

C.  Categories of membership i.e. Temporary, Active, Duration of initial appointment, Re-appointment, and In-active privileges.

D.  Primary and second source verification.

E.  Application and supporting documentation for appointment process and peer review recommendation.

F.  Corrective action process.

G.  Process of granting privileges.

H.  Suspension of privileges.

I.  Surgical Care.

J.  Qualifications of officers.

K.  Committees i.e. Quality Improvement, Credentialing, Risk Management, and Infection Control.

L.  Amendments.

For more information I am available for consultation and for service if you need assistance on the surgery center re-accreditation/certification process.  Contact information can be found in the “about me” tab.

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