Health, Wellness and Recovery

I truly believe that we are shifting to a time in history whereby all physicians of all specialties can freely talk to the patients about the total benefits for maintaining health and wellness.  Whether you’re an Orthopedic Surgeon, Spine, Pain Management, OB-GYN, Podiatrist, ENT, or Anesthesiologist it does not matter.  There will be the need for a patient to have access to the best surgical care whether an out-patient ambulatory or office based surgery setting or in-patient hospital setting.  Before and after this process guide your patient to the next level and talk to them about healing products for health, wellness, beauty, vitality, anti-aging, emotional health and recovery.  Don’t leave it just to the anti-aging specialist and holistic practitioners.

During the discharge time, after you added up the aldrete scoring guidelines and the RN is in process of informing the patient that there will be a post-operative phone call let the patient know that you will talk to them about continuing their healing.  This can be done during the post-op visit or in your private practice.

Before I started working in healthcare in 2005 assisting physicians with certification, licensure and build-outs, and operational functions, I worked in the retail sector specializing in training, management, and high-end sales exclusively in the Beverly Hills, CA market.  What I enjoyed most to this present day about this line of work is after I listened to the client’s need I was able to provide the education regarding the benefits of a product and the product information in which would enhance their total well-being.

I want to remind you to incorporate the education process to your patients and clients.  We are here to make a difference so if you find something beneficial on my blogs, my intention is to guide you through whether you need my assistance or not this is the information site for all things pertaining to surgery center accreditation, certification and licesure.  Please remember to give back and educate your patients on recovery and wellness.

Here’s to your success,