Full Height Partition a.k.a. The Fire Wall

I would like to take this opportunity to explain to you and demonstrate with a photo the full height partition (FIRE WALL) in the surgery center setting.  This is applicable for the surgery center certification Medicare deem status requirement.  The code dictates as follows, “The ASC provides a recovery area separated (by full-height partitions)…including the waiting room and reception areas.  Smoke barriers are of 1 hour minimum fire restrictive construction and continuous including concealed spaces from outside wall to outside wall, from floor to floor, or from smoke barrier to smoke barrier or a combination thereof.”

The referenced photo is of a complete full height partition (FIRE WALL).  When the ceiling tile is removed the wall continuously goes up.  It does not stop at the ceiling level. 


Full Height Partition Wall
This is a photo of a full height partition wall (fire wall) with no holes

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