Functional and Sanitary ASC

Infection Control: Ebola Virus

Functional and Sanitary ASC
You want to ensure that you have a functional and sanitary ASC

Would you be prepared to treat an Ebola case at your surgery center? An Ebola case happening at a surgery center is remote, but if it does happen AAAHC would like to know if your staff would know what to do and are they adequately trained? Do you have policies in place to handle this type of emergency?

You want to make sure that you have surgery center policies and procedures in place for the isolation or immediate transfer of patients with communicable diseases. Make sure you have a copy of your state department of public health list of reportable communicable diseases, contact information and forms for help and guidance.

Review your infection control program plan. Make sure your program is based on and follows a nationally recognized program such as CDC and make sure that the program is under the direction of a designated and qualified individual who has documented annual training in infection control. The CDC has a great deal of information on their website for you to plan your next mandatory infection control in-service education.


Immediate Transfer of Patient with a communicable disease
You want to ensure that you have a policy for the immediate transfer of a patient with a communicable disease


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