Holes In Full Height Partition (FIRE WALL)

If you have cords or cables running through the full height partition (Fire Wall), you want to ensure that the wall is properly sealed.  What happens is this!   After the surgery center construction has been completed technology companies come in i.e. phone & communications company’s to install phone and dictation transcription lines and computers and unfortunately they are leaving behind large holes in the fire wall.  What do they care, their work has been completed and you can’t see the larger than life hole that has been left behind  by running the cords and cables above the ceiling tile to conceal it (conceal means to keep from sight).  However when it’s time for your inspection and the surveyor removes several ceiling tiles and voilà… holes in the full height partition.  This is a deficiency however it can be easily fixed.

Photo with holes
This is a photo taken before we sealed the full height partition wall
The after photo
This is after the hole in the fire partition has been properly sealed

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