Fees: Accrediting Organizations Update

Authorized Personnel
Authorized Personnel

We see rising prices in everything from real estate to medical bills, technology and groceries.  Inflation is here to stay even in the world of surgery center accreditation.  I have prepared applications, developed policy and procedure manuals, performed mock assessments & life safety code evaluations,  and educational in servicing  in order for my clients to obtain accreditation or certification from the top accrediting organizations AAAHC, Joint Commission, AAAASF and Institute for Medical Quality (IMQ servicing the state of California and also is recognized in the state regulations for office-based surgery in Kansas, Nevada, and Oregon).  Victoria Samper heads the ambulatory program at IMQ and she is delightful and extremely informative.

When I started this blog it has been my intention to provide you with the content you need to make the best decisions regarding your surgery center.  All of the above referenced organizations have an excellent support staff to answer any questions you have about the surgery center accreditation and certification process.  The accrediting organizations pick up the phone right away and if you do get the voicemail your call will be returned promptly.

The following is a computation of fees which my clients have paid this year to accrediting organizations. Check out the stats below:


Surgery Center Accreditation 1 Day 1 Surveyor $4,190.00.

Surgery Center Certification Medicare Deem 1.5 Days 3 Surveyors $17,140.00.

Application Fee $775.00

AB595 Compliance Fee $100.00

The Pros-AAAHC is an amazing organization.  They really get to know you as an individual and a facility.  AAAHC will work with you.  Liza Torres in scheduling is the best.  She has been working for the organization a long time (I started in this business in 2005 and she was there).  AAAHC is well-known here in Southern California and is a favorite among multi-specialty facilities.

Joint Commission

Deposit $1,620.00.

Deposit has increased as of August 2013.

Prorated Annual Fee $2,160.00 (less than 5000 visits per year)

Medicare Deem Inspection $3,050.00, you pay for each survey day which is $1,350.00 per day.  Joint Commission sends out 1 inspector so the survey can be up to 3 days.

The Pros- Joint Commission is more hands on and visual.  They like to spend time with the healthcare workers to see if you can walk the talk.  It’s an exciting survey, Joint Commission is not predictable.  Some may not like that but I do.  You never know enough to learn something new if you know what I mean.  Joint Commission Inspections are intense but very educational.  It’s a total facility event.  Everyone participates.


Annual Fee for regular accreditation $1,105.00 for less than 2 specialties.

Survey Fee for regular accreditation 1 day 1 surveyor $950.00 plus New Facility fee $500.00.

Survey Fee for regular accreditation has increased as of August 2013 to $2,000.00.

Fees are based on number of specialist, specialties and facility class.  For example if your center has 10 medical staff members and will provide more than 3 specialties your annual fee will be $6,885.00.

The Pros-AAAASF is well-known amongst the Plastic Surgeon community here in Southern California and the organization does provide a Medicare deem status inspection. 

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